Ground Effects is Northern Colorado’s premier landscaping, hardscape, and softscape company. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring imagination to life by creating beautifully designed landscapes that turn your dreams into reality. Our extensive experience in the landscaping industry allows us to add specialty elements into any existing design while enhancing the natural settings that already exist.

Alternatively, we can start with a clean slate and create a cohesive design that will bring enjoyment to the whole family for years to come. Either way, our highly skilled and professional staff and onsite management team ensure that you will always get nothing short of quality results.

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Landscaping Construction

Landscaping construction includes both hardscape and softscape construction. Depending on the design of your project, your construction may involve the use of a wide variety of both softscape and hardscape construction.

Landscaping: Softscape

Softscape includes planting trees, shrubs, perennials and sod installation. Softscapes also can create contour with berming, alleviate drainage with dry streambeds, and accent plantings with ornamental boulders.

Landscaping: Hardscape

Hardscape incorporates everything from paver and flagstone patios to fireplaces, fire pits and retaining walls .

We can take you from vision to reality

  • Patios, walkways, and gathering areas
  • Drainage solutions
  • Raised planters and retaining walls
  • Outdoor living enviroments
  • Water features, waterfalls and rivers
  • Gas and wood fire pits
  • Low voltage landscape lighting
  • Grading & excavating
  • Tree and bush installation
  • Phased installation—work completed over a number of months or years
  • Much more…