Outdoor lighting is not only useful, it is beautiful! Lighting is art and our canvas is your property. Let us bring out the full potential of your home by creating a visual masterpiece that will definitely be noticed by your friends and neighbors.


Our installers always follow the original design plan; ensuring that every detail is met as intended. Upon arrival, our team will break the installation of your outdoor lighting system into four steps:

  1. Mount and install all transformers
  2. Place and lamp each fixture
  3. Run cables and connect to fixtures
  4. Test your system

We take every precaution to leave your landscape in exactly the same condition we found it

Adjustments and Walkthrough

To ensure we’ve met your expectations, once your lighting system has been installed and activated, we’ll scheduling an evening for night-time adjustments and a walkthrough with you.

First, our designer will spend as much time as needed to go through the entire lighting system, making sure that any needed adjustments are made before a walkthrough. 

Next, we’ll walk the property with you. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss each and every aspect of the lighting design. If additional adjustments are needed, they can be done immediately. If any additions are requested, they can be added during the final installation process.

Final Installation

During final installation, we will make any changes agreed upon during the walkthrough. We’ll also provide you with documentation for your newly-installed outdoor lighting system.

Ground Effects only uses the highest quality products from leading national brands. All parts and labor are under warranty.

About Cable Connections

Cables are the lifeline of your lighting system. The points—splices—where connections meet are the weakest point of your entire system and typically where failures occur as time passes.

Traditional wire nuts and pierce point connectors allow moisture to enter and degrade the connection over time, leading to eventual failures and the need for wire replacement.  

By using waterproof connectors, we completely protect the splice and virtually eliminate any deterioration of the connection. Our connections—like everything else we provide—are built to preserve the integrity of your system.

Planning for the Future

Our installers are trained to prepare your lighting system for the future. At each splice, we leave an additional 1 – 3 feet of wire. As time passes and landscapes mature, this additional wire will make repositioning fixtures easier—allowing for consistent highlighting of your landscape over time.