Ground Effects is Northern Colorado’s premier service for sprinklers, sprinkler system installation and repair. The services we provide are designed specifically to help you conserve water. 

Sprinklers: Experience

To ensure that we exceed your expectations, our technicians are backed by more than 30 years of expertise and hands-on experience by our owners. . We arrive promptly and are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to resolve the simplest to the complex sprinkler issues.

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Sprinklers: Services

We specialize in a variety of irrigation services that include sprinkler system installation, sprinkler system tune-ups, sprinkler system maintenance and repairs, back flow prevention, and much more! We’re the only choice in Northern Colorado for top-tier workmanship. 

Sprinklers: Products

Ground Effects only uses the highest quality sprinklers and sprinkler products from leading national brands. All parts and labor are under warranty.

Rain Bird

Our Sprinkler Services Include

  • Repair and/or replace sprinkler clocks
  • Repair and/or replace broken sprinkler heads
  • Installation of new sprinkler heads, zones, and, drip systems
  • Repair broken sprinkler pipes and/or fittings
  • Repair and/or replacement backflow preventer
  • Audit system for coverage, operation of heads, and zones
  • Diagnose and repair low-pressure problems
  • Sprinkler leaks found and eliminated
  • Water conservation
  • Locate, repair and/or replace sprinkler solenoid valves
  • Sprinkler maintenance programs
  • Sprinkler start up and/or winterization